cocos2d logoPython的2D游戏开发框架 cocos2d

cocos2d 是一个 Python 用来开发 2D 游戏和其他图形化交互应用的框架。**主要特性**
**界面流程控制:** Manage the flow control between different scenes in an easy way
**精灵:** Fast and easy sprites
**动作:** Just tell sprites what you want them to do. Composable actions like _move_, _rotate_, _scale_ and much more
**特效:** Effects like _waves_, _twirl_, _lens_ and much more
**地图平铺:** Support for rectangular and hexagonal tiled maps
**视线:** Move from scene to scene with style
**菜单:** Built in cl**es to create menus
**文字渲染:** _Label_ and _HTMLLabel_ with _action_ support
**文档完善:** Programming Guide + API Reference + Video Tutorials + Lots of ** **s showing how to use it
**内嵌Python解释器:** For debugging purposes
**BSD 授权:** Just use it
**Pyglet Based:** No external dependencies
**OpenGL Based:** Hardware Acceleration